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Pharm-D (Doctor of Pharmacy) is a professional degree program in the field of pharmacy. The aim of this five-year undergraduate degree program is to prepare pharmacy practitioners to work in a variety of institutional, community practice, government, academic, industrial, and drug development settings by providing them with advanced knowledge, clinical experience, and leadership skills. The curriculum has a strong emphasis on a patient-oriented course of study and includes a structure that will help students become self-reflective practitioners with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to critically assess practices and improve them when necessary.


In Pakistan, candidates with an FSc pre-med background with 60% Marks who meet the eligibility criteria can pursue this degree. Doctor of pharmacy in Pakistan has been approved by the Higher Education Commission.


In Pakistan, Pharm-D has gained significant recognition and has a broad scope in various aspects of the healthcare system. The scope of Pharm-D in Pakistan is quite promising. Here are some key areas where Pharm-D graduates can find employment and contribute to the healthcare sector:

  1. Community Pharmacy:

    Pharm-D graduates can work in community pharmacies, which are the most common settings for pharmacists. They provide medication counseling, dispense prescriptions, and offer healthcare advice to patients.

  2. Hospital Pharmacy:

    Hospitals employ Pharm-D professionals to ensure safe and effective medication use within the healthcare facility. They collaborate with healthcare teams, monitor medication therapies, and provide specialized pharmaceutical services.

  3. Clinical Pharmacy:

    Pharm-D graduates can work as clinical pharmacists in healthcare institutions, where they play a vital role in patient care. They participate in rounds with healthcare teams, provide drug information, optimize medication regimens, and monitor patient outcomes.

  4. Pharmaceutical Industry:

    The pharmaceutical industry offers diverse career opportunities for Pharm-D graduates. They can work in areas such as drug development, regulatory affairs, quality control, medical affairs, pharmacovigilance, and sales and marketing.

  5. Research and Academia:

    Pharm-D graduates can pursue careers in research and academia. They can contribute to pharmaceutical research, clinical trials, drug formulation, and academic teaching and research in pharmacy institutions.

  6. Government and Regulatory Bodies:

    Pharm-D professionals can work in government health departments and regulatory bodies to ensure drug safety, control pricing, and monitor pharmaceutical policies and regulations.

  7. Clinical Research Organizations (CROs):

    CROs conduct clinical trials and research studies. Pharm-D graduates can work in these organizations, contributing to the development of new drugs and therapies.

  8. Pharmaceutical Services in Public Health:

    Pharm-D professionals can play a role in public health programs by providing medication-related services, conducting drug utilization reviews, and contributing to health policy development.


Department: IIIMS

Timing: Morning (Monday- Saturday)

Recognized By: Govt of Pakistan Directorate of Public Instructions DPI & Pharmacy Council of Pakistan